4 Gearbox Technologies That Improve Fuel Efficiency

Posted on: 20 November 2017

Did you know that the technology that was used to make the gearbox in your vehicle can have an impact on the fuel efficiency of that vehicle? Below are some of the new technologies that have been introduced to improve the fuel economy of cars. Use this information when you are selecting a new vehicle.

More Forward Gears

Vehicles with automatic transmission systems previously had a limited number of forward gears. This limited number of gears increased the range of vehicle speeds that are made possible by a given gear. Such operations reduce the fuel efficiency of the vehicle because the consumption will not vary within a given speed range. Recent gearboxes now have more forward gears, such as six, so that the speed range facilitated by a given gear is reduced. In this way, the vehicle will operate more efficiently.


Older gearboxes had predetermined gear ratios that controlled how the energy from the engine was transmitted to the wheels of the vehicle. These fixed gear ratios limit the possibility for fuel efficiency since the ratios cannot be adjusted further to suit the specific driving conditions pertaining. CVTs (continuously variable transmissions) were created to make it possible for more gear ratios to exist to tweak the transmission system based on the specific driving conditions. In this way, better fuel efficiency can be achieved.

Dual Clutch Systems

Fuel efficiency can also be improved when you select a vehicle whose transmission system has two clutches. This arrangement improves fuel economy because the transmission system can anticipate which clutch to activate before the need arises. Shifting gears is, therefore, smoother and less wasteful.

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Another technology that can help to improve fuel efficiency is the use of automated components within the transmission system. For example, the use of electronic actuators instead of clutches can help to reduce some of the energy that used to be lost while gears are shifting. That saved energy is available to power the vehicle forward or backward. Consequently, the vehicle will be able to move further using the AMT when compared to the distance that could be moved with a vehicle whose transmission system relied on clutches.

Visit different car dealerships and find out which of the gearbox technologies above are available in the vehicles that are on sale. Talk to automotive experts at places like Stork Gears & Services so that you can get professional advice about the most helpful gearbox technology based on your needs.



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